Sunday, August 12, 2007

No Dream Recalled

Nothing apart from an indistinct corner of an object.


Claire said...

I quite like it when you have days like this, when you don't recall dreams. I hardly ever remember mine, so it's quite reassuring, for some reason... I find myself thinking 'phew, not just me then'!

I love the new section of other people's collected dreams - really beautiful drawings and fascinating dreams. I'm looking forward to more!

Robin said...

I always feel so guilty when I don't remember a dream - like I'm letting the side down, so glad you feel reassured by it. The collected dreams are so interesting - I've gathered loads of them and am slowly working my way through them - was concerned they looked a bit prettypretty but am sure they will develop.
How do I get a separate sitemeter reading going that is independent of this site - any ideas anyone from my huge public?