Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stool Shame

I am sitting on a high stool at an art gallery opening and find myself taking a shit surreptitiously through the hole in the seat. Suddenly I become aware of what I am doing and am mortified. I stand up thinking maybe nobody has noticed but the stench is terrible and it is getting everywhere. Everybody is talking about it. I am very apologetic explaining how this has never happened to me before.


unwashed said...

While it isn't possible to access your associations to the manifest content of your Stool Shame dream, I'd hazard the following: you make (or your unconscious makes) a point of describing the stool as high: read as a single entendre, you are above it all; but "high stool" also could mean "smelly" ("high") "shit" ("stool").
The part of you that is high and mighty will have nothing to do with the 'shit' part of yourself. Which is why the dreamer has no control over his waste. You feel shame that people have their noses rubbed in your (bull)shit. Shit may represent a 'shitty' side of your self that you hide away; alternatively, it is both natural, healthy and ultimately live-enhancing ~ organic life thrives on manure!

Robin said...

Thanks for your clever insight. Yes there's truth in what you say I think. I do often feel shame about this whole blog sharing my "bullshit" with all and sundry. I hadn't twigged the last beautiful part of your analysis myself, but it rings true and of course that is why I continue returning to this blog even if there are long periods of doubt about it.