Wednesday, August 06, 2008


SORRY I haven't posted anything for a long while.  The dreamdiary in Ireland came to a close and I needed a break and thereafter was preoccupied working on Duckie's GAYSHAME

Read some quote from TS Lawrence about not living your life in the dusty recesses of your nightly dreams but acting out your dreams in your daily life. Sometimes I wonder whether I am hiding away from life by getting so absorbed in my dreamlife but it seems to come out into the light of day quite enough and a blog is as good as any to get that process started.

Got a few ideas for a fresh start here - it will take a while to get things organised and meanwhile I think I might just start reposting dreams as a gentle way back into this peculiar world.


Claire said...

Ooh, I'm glad you're doing it again, I've really missed your surreal drawings! The head and the hand one is great, and I love the way you're using colour for them now.

Not to diminish the excellent spookiness of your work, but it reminds me of those reconstituted potato flakes you used to get in tins, where you could dissolve them in your mouth and they turned into instant mash, without even having to bother to pour boiling water on it as the instructions said. Cadbury's 'Smash' I think it was... tasty, eh. A culinary delight...

Claire xx

Robin said...

ooo you're a funny one - eating Smash straight out of the tin- it would be interesting to hear the lovely Nigel Slater's take on that - he loves all those odd nostalgic childhood tastes doesn't he?