Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Head And The Hand

A mundane scene. In the far corner of a classroom N is sitting at a desk. His face is completely covered by a canvas mask. On his right hand is a canvas puppet. Silent and spooky. It is impossible to focus on both the head and the hand at the same time.  Even though I know exactly how it is operated, it is the handpuppet whose message intrigues me.


Epic Dewfall said...

I would like to see 10 to 14 word long titles, because I don't read long discriptons. I'm going to be checking this rss feed much better now that it's painted and colored.

Robin said...

Yes I do take your point - they are a bit long some of these new descriptions. I did try to restrict myself to no more than 5 lines before and will return to that self imposed rule. I can't make them shorter than that because the stories are such an important component.
Glad you like the new look.