Saturday, October 06, 2007

Young Boys Discovered With Heads Severed

J comes rushing into the crowded library/museum, her hair wild. "They've got him! They've got the second boy," she sobs and collapses in my arms.
A young boy of five has been found mutilated and despite his severed head, he was able to speak confirming how the last boy died. There is a huge commotion in the hall. I don't seem that bothered - I am searching for my jacket, a heavy puffed brown thing - ugly - so I can go for a walk with the family.


Anonymous said...

if you are into active imagination, i would expand on who 'they' might be.

Robin said...

Do you mean by active imagination the idea of working on a dream in a waking state?
In the dream it is not clear who THEY are. THEY are invisible, a dark force, a sense of wild animal but also of crazed humans, like in a horror film. It feels like they are somewhere else - which is why I am unmoved. I suppose thoughts about the McCann girl who has disappeared and is in the news all the time partly comes to mind. And THEY are maybe partly the press - publicity - both causing the death but also bringing this evil to light.
Also THEY are something to do with AIDS I think. I am aware how the disease is on the upsurge again and how so many people are putting their heads in the sand and pretending it is not happening.