Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Smuggled Person Affected By Postal Strike

I am forced to send my lover, or a small girl, through the post. It is the only way to get her out of the country. We package her up in white paper and I watch as she is bundled into a post office sorting bag and hurled to the back of a lorry. We calculated that she should be ok for the estimated 3 days delivery time but I realise that with the postal strike there is the likelihood of delays. Can she survive long enough?


Claire said...

This reminded me of an art project where someone embedded a tiny video camera into a parcel and sent it through the post, to see what really happened to it. The camera's 'eye' recorded everything that happened along the way, from the perspective of the package.

I thought it was quite interesting to see what actually happens to inanimate objects. Apologies if this comment is a bit 'off-topic', as they say!

Robin said...

Oh no I think off-topic responses to dreams are very pertinent. When I took part in that dream workshop at the Dream conference the other members of the group would say what connections they made on hearing someone else's dream and its fascinating how nearly all of them registered as being relevant for the dreamer.
I have heard of this art piece you mention and its something that has always interested me too - the story that objects would tell of their lives if they only had a voice. There are those Hans Christian Anderson folk stories that are specifically about that like "The Darning Needle" and "The Shirt Collar." So its a mysterious fascination that has been around for years - yes and I think is echoed a bit in this dream.
Who was the artist can you remember?