Friday, November 16, 2007

The Naked Theatre Group

I have just joined an experimental theatre company famous for its naked productions. I am quite excited about it. In the initial encounter session some performers are role playing and whisper to me so that I can scarcely hear them. When I answer back their voices become even softer. I understand this is an exercise and I sit back passively observing. As the workshop develops I realise that although certain rules apply to the company nobody has instructed me so I can (and perhaps should) react exactly as I choose. I speak loudly and mock their actions. I don't need a script. The session flies by - it is very enjoyable. I tell them I would like to be challenged further.

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Claire said...

Hello Robin, forgot to say that you've spelt my name wrong in your link, though it's very nice of you to have one and I'm ever so grateful, of course!!

Claire Barratt