Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who Wrote Alma's Book???

It is the end of a conference in a large European city. I am with redhaired Alma and a large friendly man. I am keen to say goodbye to blonde Alma with whom I have spent a lot of time. She tells me I have some red hot issues to deal with here because I am still in love with X. She gives me a book of short stories she has written - one is particularly relevant. I return to the others.
"Look Blonde Alma gave me her book," I say. "Or did you write it?" I ask Red Alma.
The man laughs - "I wrote it!"
"But it has to be written by a woman and its all about Alma - look at the bit about Alma pudding! and all that stuff about her young lover!"
"So happy you liked it," he says.

(had completely forgotten I had any knowledge at all of Alma pudding but there it is in Mrs Beeton's cookbook)

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