Monday, September 10, 2007

Crown Of Teeth

In amongst a pile of dead leaves I see a small crown formed from teeth about 4 inches across. Industrial wasteland in the background.


Sue said...

I always think teeth represent growing or 'growing up' particularly, or 'moving on' and change. These teeth have formed a remarkable and valuable object, one which is usually treasure and valued, yet it lies in the dead leaves, a wasteland nearby. Who has lost it and why, I wonder? It reminds me of the ring in Lord of the Rings, which loses itself so it can be found by one who can help it find where it wants to be....
The atmosphere of this dream seems significant, the turn of the season, the mixture of natural and man-made environments.
(just a few meanderings!)

Robin said...

Hi Sue! Hmm yes and I think its connected to the ring from the previous dream too. Plus the next day's dream the puppy has NO teeth. And thats very much about change and a new start - Oh its all so fascinating.