Friday, July 20, 2007

Wild Boar Hunt

In a scrubby field a powdered Redcoat sits astride a white horse. Behind him an apologetic older man dressed similarly. Suddenly there is a commotion and a wild boar darts out into the long grass pursued by a motley crowd of dogs. There is nothing to be done to stop them from killing it but Hazel rushes in and does her best. The boar is slaughtered with a mallet brought down on its head. Hazel is mortified and returns to me shaken.

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hillary said...

I was googling wild boars and dreams because I dreamt I was in San Francisco (but it sort of seemed like Paris) and I was in a coffee bar. Everyone there had a leashed wild boar and one of the boars jumped on me, but I wasn't scared, it was just very big and hairy. What do you think wild boars represent in dreams. Weird that you dreamt about them, too.