Monday, May 07, 2012

Dangerous Assignation

After 20 years K has come back to life and has a romantic date with an Algerian soldier from the enemy camp.

K is nervous -  he knows it could also be a military trap.  He takes my mobile and a bottle of a substance called AMMO.   It is so thoughtless of him to take the mobile into such a risky environment. I am furious about it.


Sherry Allen said...

Hello Darling,
Been trying to track you down for quite a while. I am on Facebook if you have it. How else is best to contact you. Would love to hear from you

Sherry xx

Robin said...

Hello love - how great to hear from you - you can email me at
and I'll give you my phone number - would be great to catch up. I was only chatting about you the other day with Pauline who phoned me out of the blue!