Sunday, May 13, 2007

Model For A Radical Olympics

This is a race to complete up to 30 tasks using any technique you like in just three minutes. As a crowd of boxing men charge round the room, I construct a flimsy base out of rolled up sheets of paper and then attach a drawing of a boxer. Now I am trying to work out how to draw the hands holding a violin. Very tricky. I notice that the time is being stretched so that we now have no idea of our time limit. No-one is set against each other and every attempt to interpret an event is applauded.


Anonymous said...

I'm an illustrator and fellow dreamer, just like you I have been recording dreams for a while.
(please take a look if you are interested)

these are very complex and interesting dreams.

dodos said...

Came here through the link Brian (goobeetsablog) put in his post.
I like the drawings in negative.