Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Living Restaurant

Dad has brought me to an incredible restaurant where the innovative chef is also the architect. I am appalled when the fish served up is still breathing. The chef shrugs it off - the food here is so fresh it is often eaten at the point of transition from life to death.
Outside I notice the scenery has shifted, we are no longer looking out over eighteenth century town houses but at a long shiny black road. I realise it is the restaurant itself that is rotating. The effect is magical and unexpected - constructed like a modernist medieval banqueting hall, the building is in fact one huge cylinder. I feel intensely alive here.



that's one helluva surreal treat!! the fish-so-fresh-that-it's-breathing takes the cake... slurp!

Robin said...

A friend of mine visited a restaurant in China where a live fish had been strapped to his plate and the head severed seconds before it was served up. I had forgotten about it until he reminded me today.